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Last Battles of the Italian Campaign

Allied troops pursued the retreating Germans in the course of the final days of the struggle in Italy. by Michael E. Haskew For the Allied armies in Italy, the...

Adolf Hitler Albert Kesselring Allies Alphonse Juin Axis Fifth Army Free French Army Gustav Line Harold Alexander Heinrich von Vietinghoff Italian Campaign Mark W. Clark Mediterranean Monte Cassino Movies north africa Winston Churchill WWII

First Deadly Round at The Battle of Monte Cassino

Through the first of 4 bloody makes an attempt to take Monte Cassino and the city that occupied its slope, the Allied Fifth Military was repulsed. by David H...

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Joachim Benz on the Eastern Front

Throughout World Warfare II, Joachim Benz served on the Japanese Entrance in a Luftwaffe floor unit referred to as a area division. by Joachim Benz, as advised...