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Endgame 6 times collates 125 Easter eggs, callbacks & references – Mothership.SG

Endgame 6 times collates 125 Easter eggs, callbacks & references – Mothership.SG

Avengers: Endgame is a love letter to long-time followers.

There are extra Easter eggs, callbacks, and hidden references on this film than anybody might catch in only one sitting.

I might know as a result of I watched it six occasions.

However in case you needed to take it from me as an alternative of watching it two, three, and even 10 occasions, here’s a listing of Easter eggs, callbacks, and hidden references.

There are spoilers galore on this listing. So, be warned. Right here goes.

After The Snap

1. Clint is sporting an ankle bracelet identical to Scott in Ant-Man and the Wasp, due to what they did in Civil Conflict.

2. Tony is ravenous within the Benatar (Star-Lord’s ship) as a result of Thor ate all of the snacks in Infinity Warfare.

three. The jacket he makes use of to maintain heat is one in every of Star-Lord’s.

four. Nebula takes video games very critically as a result of Thanos would “improve” her each time she misplaced a struggle to Gamora.

5. The one image of lacking heroes makes Tony look away is Spider-Man.

6. The imaginative and prescient Tony mentions is of seeing the lifeless Avengers in Age of Ultron.

7. Cap not cares about swearing like he as soon as did in Age of Ultron.

eight. The previous bald man in Cap’s remedy group is Jim Starlin, one-time author for Marvel and the unique creator of Thanos.

9. The lot the place Ant-Man’s van is impounded is marked 616, the designation for the primary Marvel universe within the comics.

10. The underwater earthquake Okoye stories to Natasha might be a reference to Namor the Sub-Mariner, ruler of Atlantis.

11. Carol’s haircut is a reference to her comics look, and her little nod to Rhodey is perhaps a nod to their relationship there too.

12. Nat’s ballerina footwear are on a chair subsequent to her. A reference to her coaching within the “Pink Room”, and maybe how she will’t let go of the previous.

13. Nat cuts her sandwiches diagonally. Perhaps she discovered that Nick Fury doesn’t like them minimize that method, as we discovered in Captain Marvel.

14. Morgan Stark is known as after the “eccentric previous uncle” Tony was speaking about in Infinity Warfare.

Pic from Marvel.

15. “Mummy by no means wears something I purchase her,” Tony tells Morgan. Which is true, Pepper wears issues Tony makes for her as an alternative.

16. Nat is sporting the little arrow on a sequence necklace she’s worn earlier than, in Winter Soldier.

17. Tony serves them some type of well being drink of his personal concoction, from when he discovered to make them to cope with his well being points in Iron Man 2.

18. Again in Thor: Ragnarok, Hulk was satisfied the individuals of Earth hate him. However now he’s probably the most kid-friendly Avenger.

19. Hulk nonetheless dabs as a result of he’s an previous man 5 years behind the occasions.

20. Pepper to Tony: “Will you be capable of relaxation?” Maintain this in thoughts once you’re watching Tony’s dying scene.

21. Scott nonetheless has an enormous man-crush on Steve, as we’ve seen in Civil Conflict.

22. Tony and Steve shaking arms is the primary on-screen signal of reconciliation we’ve seen since Civil Conflict.

23. The city of Tønsberg/ New Asgard is the place Odin fought on Earth again within the first Thor film, and the place the Tesseract was guarded earlier than the Pink Cranium invaded in Captain America: The First Avenger.

24. Korg is sporting the identical shirt Thor:Ragnarok director Taika Waititi wore to a Comedian-con.

Pic from Imgur.

25. Perhaps Thor, Korg and Miek are nonetheless enjoying Fortnite as a result of nobody cares about making new video video games after the devastation of the Snap.

26. Clint’s ninja costume is a reference to his Ronin persona within the comics.

27. “One aspect, Lebowski.” Thor appears just like the Dude from the Huge Lebowski, who was performed by Obadiah Stane’s actor, Jeff Bridges.

28. Tony calls Rocket “Ratchet”, after the Ratchet and Clank online game.

29. Killing Child Thanos is a reference to the Hitler Time Journey thought train. Would you do it?

30. Among the many many time-travel plots referenced are Scorching Tub Time Machine and Invoice and Ted’s Wonderful Journey.

31. When Thor is explaining the Aether, solely Scott seems to be excited whereas everybody else appears confused.

32. When the workforce is planning the Time Heist, Hulk is consuming his personal model of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, green-tinted Hulka Hulka Burnin’ Fudge, talked about by Wong in Infinity Conflict.

33. The Avengers might have gotten the Aether in 2014 too, the place it’s protected with the Collector on Knowhere, however Thor particularly selected to go to Asgard as a result of he needed to see his mom once more.

34. Earlier than they depart, Nat tells Cap “See you in a minute.” It’s the very last thing he would hear her say.

35. The entire 2012 set-piece is superb callback after callback, however discover that Tony can flick Scott with some accuracy due to on a regular basis he practised paper soccer with Nebula.

36. When the elevator door shuts, Loki (in chains and muzzled up) additionally waves goodbye to the Hulk.

37. 1970 occurs to be the yr Tony was born.

38. Tony tells Howard he’s a customer from MIT. Tony is an MIT graduate.

39. Tony modelled JARVIS’s voice after his father’s butler. The actor is identical man who performed Jarvis within the Peggy Carter TV present.

40. The helmet you see on Hank Pym’s desk appears just like the one the primary Ant-Man used within the comics.

41. Howard Stark is in search of Dr Arnim Zola (Purple Cranium’s sidekick). When Hank Pym dashes out of the lab, he pushes Zola apart.

42. Some individuals have questioned why Peggy seems to be the identical in 1970 as she did in 1945, however assuming she’s in her early-20s within the 1940s she can be in her late-40s in 1970, which isn’t a lot of a stretch. Good genes.

43. Howard tells Tony that he fears any son of his would prioritise his personal self-interest over the larger good. He would grow to be incorrect.

44. When Thanos’s ship takes off, you possibly can see an explosion on the planet under, with half of the town lights disappearing.

45. Gamora wears rings on each finger however her ring finger.

46. Thanos is about to ship Nebula and Gamora to the ship of Ronan the Accuser, from the primary Guardians of the Galaxy.

47. Thanos watched the occasions of Infinity Struggle in Endgame (via Nebula’s recordings). Dr Unusual watched the occasions of Endgame in Infinity Warfare (with the Time Stone).

48. When the Asgardian guards chase after Rocket, they name him a “rabbit”, identical to Thor did in Infinity Struggle.

49. Thor’s mom Frigga was raised by witches and see with extra than simply eyes, like how our moms all the time know what’s happening.

50. Thor can nonetheless summon Mjolnir. Even in the event you’re fats and depressed and really feel like a failure, you possibly can nonetheless be worthy.

Gif from Imgur.

Time Heist

51. Clint mentions Budapest once more to Nat, from the primary Avengers.

52. On Vormir, Clint tells Nat that Rocket is technically not an Earth raccoon, and he’s proper.

53. Purple Cranium calls Clint “son of Edith”. Within the comics, Clint’s father was an abusive drunk, and he was raised by his mom.

54. That is the second time somebody’s died to save lots of Clint, the primary being Quicksilver.

55. Nat sacrifices herself, which is essential for your complete plan to work. As a spy, she would haven’t any hesitation in doing the arduous however essential factor from behind the scenes.

56. When Nat lands on the bottom, the blood makes her hair look utterly purple once more. Wiping out the “pink in her ledger”, from the primary Avengers.

Gif from Gifer.

57. Nebula provides Thanos some Pym Particles, which he would replicate with a view to bounce his ship into the longer term.

58. Thor couldn’t have made the Snap. It requires psychological in addition to bodily power, and he was in no situation to visualise everybody returning again safely. Solely Professor Hulk had the brains and the brawn to do it, and survive.

59. When Hulk is scuffling with the Gauntlet, Cap tells everybody to not fear and push forward, identical to he did when he was going by way of the Tremendous Soldier process.

60. Tony’s barn door protocol to seal off the lab is why they didn’t hear Thanos’s ship crash by means of.

61. Clint solutions a telephone name from his spouse, and by doing so he strikes into a unique a part of the lab. That is why he later falls down near the Gauntlet. If he had died for the Soul Stone, nobody would have referred to as Nat, they usually may need misplaced the entire battle.

62. Simply as Thanos’s missile hits, you possibly can see Scott shrink simply in time to save lots of himself.

63. Rhodey’s emergency escape command is “Cover cover cover!” It’s an Air Pressure time period for the roof of the cockpit.

64. Thanos proves that his plan was doomed to failure. Although he knew that eliminating half the universe wouldn’t work, he determined as an alternative to kill everybody and begin over, which is way faraway from his unique plan.

65. Iron Man asks Thor to cost him up with lightning, like what occurred within the first Avengers.

66. Nebula killing her previous self is a logo of how she’s overcome the burdens of her previous. Additionally a neat method to show that the time journey paradox of killing your previous self doesn’t matter, or what you do prior to now doesn’t have an effect on your prime actuality.

67. When the 2014 Nebula dies, you possibly can see a tear drop from her eye.

68. Thanos ought to have went for the top when making an attempt to kill Thor as an alternative of his chest.

69. Cap is worthy of lifting Mjolnir. Thor suspected as a lot from the get together scene in Age of Ultron.

Pic from YouTube.

70. Cap does some nice solo combos together with his defend and Mjolnir, which he is aware of find out how to do from preventing alongside Thor in Age of Ultron.

71. Cap can wield the lightning as a result of Mjolnir’s enchantment states whoever is worthy shall possess the facility of Thor.

72. Cap’s defend broke beneath Thanos’s livid assault. Vibranium is robust, however not the strongest materials within the universe.

73. Cap’s defend breaks in the identical sample as Tony’s imaginative and prescient from Age of Ultron.

74. Cap stands as one man towards a military. A reference to the comedian the place Cap says: “So long as one man stands towards you, Thanos, you’ll by no means be capable of declare victory.”

75. “In your left” is callback to when Cap was jogging round Falcon in Winter Soldier.

76. The gang’s all right here. Wakandans, Asgardians, Sorcerers from Kamar Taj and even Ravagers from the Guardians of their ships.

77. When the Wasp pops up, wanting round, you’ll be able to see Howard the Duck to her left, on the best of the display.

78. Pepper has worn Iron Man armour earlier than, in Iron Man three.

79: When Wong says, “You needed extra?”, it is perhaps a potential reference to the Defenders (Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist) who have been launched within the TV collection however not on the large display.

80. Cap says the immortal line which has by no means been stated earlier than within the MCU. However the Avengers are already assembled at that time.

Gif from Fanpop.

81. Thor is the primary to reply, and once they cost, you possibly can see M’Baku retaining tempo with Cap and Black Panther by way of the sheer energy of vegetarianism.

82. When Thor tells Cap to “give me that, you’ll be able to have the baby” you’ll be able to see Mantis within the background, placing one Thanos’s huge gorilla creatures to sleep.

83. When Wasp says, “We’re on it Cap”, and Scott smiles at her, it’s as a result of she teased him about his man crush on Cap in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

84. Black Panther saves Clint and calls him by identify. It’s a change from Civil Warfare, when Clint tells him his identify and T’Challa doesn’t care.

85. Black Panther arms off the Nano Gauntlet to Spider-Man, making an attempt to maintain it away from Thanos’s forces. They’re actually operating the gauntlet.

86. Spidey prompts Insta-Kill mode, from Spider-Man: Homecoming.

87. Star-Lord getting kicked within the balls is adequate payback for ruining the plan in Infinity Conflict, on Titan.

88. “It was both him or a tree.” Nebula is aware of that Drax is in mourning for his spouse, Mantis likes guys, and Rocket isn’t .

89. Cap calls Spidey, “Hey Queens”, like he did in Civil Struggle.

90. Scarlet Witch is loopy highly effective as a result of she obtained her powers from an Infinity Stone (Thoughts).

91. “One thing simply entered the higher environment!” Carol is aware of an invasion is underway, identical to how she scouted the backyard planet at the beginning of the film and ascertained there have been no armies and defences.

92. Thanos’s ship firing at Carol solely makes her stronger — considered one of her powers is to soak up power blasts. When she wrecks the ship, the Captain Marvel theme performs.

Gif from Tumblr.

93. “Danvers, we’d like an help.” Captain to Captain, and each actors appeared in Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

94. “She’s not alone” scene echoes Infinity Conflict when Black Widow stated it, and sadly, she’s the one feminine hero not current.

95. Valkyrie’s weapon can take down a leviathan, which is why Thor was geeking out in Ragnarok.

96. When Carol rams by means of Thanos’s forces, three heroes hearth power beams at Thanos — Shuri, Pepper in her Rescue Armour, and the Wasp’s stinger blasts. That is just like one other scene in Age of Ultron when Tony, Imaginative and prescient and Thor all blast Ultron.

97. Carol is robust sufficient to battle Thanos one-on-one, as she obtained her powers from an Infinity Stone too.

98. Physician Unusual’s arms nonetheless shake from the consequences of his accident and operation, and you may see it when he holds up the only finger to Tony.

99. When Tony grabs the Nano Gauntlet, you’ll be able to hear clicking noises, just like how the Stones have been shifting round earlier. That is how he takes the Stones from the gauntlet to his personal armour.

100. Tony snaps away everybody allied with Thanos, which is why 2014 Gamora (presumably) doesn’t get snapped.

Avengers Assembled

101: Tony’s final phrases are, “Hey Pep.”

102: Tony doesn’t reply a lot to Rhodey or Spider-Man, however tries to smile when he sees Pepper.

103: Pepper solely lets herself cry when Tony has died.

104: When Peter meets with Ned at their highschool, Ned is comfortable as a result of from his perspective, he in all probability hasn’t seen Peter since he escaped from the varsity bus in Infinity Struggle. Ned additionally seems the identical age, which suggests he acquired Snapped too.

105: Is that Ben Mendelsohn’s Skrull chief Talos giving college students course in Peter’s highschool?

106: Morgan seems to be scared when she sees her dad’s hologram. She could also be actually sensible, however she’s a nonetheless a child and should not fairly perceive that Tony won’t be coming residence.

Gif from Tumblr.

107: The music that performs throughout Tony’s memorial sounds just like the monitor that performs when he almost dies in area at first of the film.

108: The tall teenager in black, standing in entrance of Maria Hill and Secretary Ross? That’s the child from Iron Man three, all grown up.

109: Drax is sporting a shirt out of respect for Tony, regardless of his well-known delicate nipples, which he revealed in GOTG2.

110: Nick Fury and Peter Parker are on the similar memorial service, however within the Spider-Man: Far From Residence trailer, he says “So good to lastly meet you.” So did Nick Fury not speak to anybody, or is that this a clue?

111: The factor Tony stated after his rescue from Afghanistan is, “I would like an American cheeseburger”, which is why Completely satisfied Hogan seems so unhappy when Morgan asks for one.

112: “They each do.” Scarlet Witch is referring to the Imaginative and prescient, as Quicksilver by no means fought Thanos.

113: Thor is perhaps standing on the identical grassy cliff the place Odin died in Ragnarok.

114: Valkyrie and Thor’s positions have reversed from the place they have been in Ragnarok. Again then she was the tousled alcoholic and he was the newly minted king and chief.

115: Star-Lord is looking for Gamora. This model of Gamora by no means bonded with the remainder of the Guardians and certain escaped after the battle.

116: Thor nonetheless calls Groot “Tree”.

117: Cap brings again Mjolnir into the previous, in order that 2013 Thor wouldn’t miss it.

118: “How can I? You’re taking all of the silly with you,” is what Steve first stated to Bucky when he was off to warfare.

119: Sooner or later, Cap should have come nose to nose with the Purple Cranium whereas returning the Soul Stone.

120: Cap decides to remain in an alternate actuality to marry Peggy. Possible from 1945 onwards, shocking her on the Stork Membership, every week subsequent Saturday from when he went into the ice. Maybe when Peggy died, he got here again to the prime actuality.

121: Steve appears previous as a result of his physique continued to age after he was unfrozen.

122: The defend that Previous Cap provides Sam is of a special design. Take a look at the metallic engraving on the star. The place did he get it? Who is aware of.

123: Sam is the higher selection over Bucky to imagine the mantle of Captain America. Bucky is simply as previous as Cap, previously brainwashed, used as an murderer, uninterested in struggle. Captain America isn’t just an excellent soldier, it’s a public position, the image of hope. Sam has the guts, is aware of the right way to be compassionate from operating remedy teams for veterans, and as a younger black man, it means rather a lot that he’s representing America’s future.

124: The music that Steve and Peggy are dancing to was enjoying in his condo throughout Winter Soldier.

125: The clanging sound you hear on the very finish of the credit is a homage to the primary Iron Man film. Tony Stark in a cave with a field of scraps, constructing his first go well with of armour.

Pic from YouTube.

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