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Manga News: November 2018 | Negative Zone


The occasion of the yr handed, the 2018 Manga Salon handed, however the information continues unstoppable for an additional month. The hangover of the Salon is a lot better with out stopping to learn the ever growing catalog of titles that publishers supply us. So regulate what the nationwide manga market has given in these dates and arrange the cabinets as a way to fill them with good Japanese comics on this ultimate stretch of the yr.


Title: Haruko Ichikawa Omnibus No. 2 – The 25 hour holidays
Writer: Haruko Ichikawa
Unique version: Kodansha (2009)
Worth: 9.95 €

ECC full with this second quantity the small assortment of tales within the omnibus format of Haruko Ichikawa. We’ve once more in our palms a compendium of extra brief tales by Haruko Ichikawa, Tezuka Prize for one of the best new artist in 2010. This second anthology recovers three tales: The Holidays of 25 hours, In Pandora and Lunar Funeral. The three tales revolve round totally different encounters, in several situations, from the real looking to the incredible: that of a marine biologist together with her brother, that of a delinquent and a younger lady, and that of a scholar and a hermit. A super event to benefit from the debut in Spain of some of the distinctive authors and with the best projection of Japanese comics.

Title: Good World Nº1
Writer: Rie Aruga
] Unique version: Kodansha (2014)
Worth: 6,95 €

One of the crucial hanging romantic dramas of current years, particularly for the situation of its protagonist. Rie Aruga tells us in Good World the story of Tsugumi Kawana, 26, who has achieved a place in an inside ornament firm. Destiny causes that at a piece dinner he meets with Itsuki Ayukawa, former classmate of the institute and his old flame, who’s now handicapped and in a wheelchair. “My love with Itsuki is unattainable”, is the very first thing Tsugumi thinks. A narrative of affection and overcoming with a quantity at a reasonably affordable worth within the case of ECC.

Extra publications

Dorohedoro No.10 of Q-Hayashida, Shogakukan (2000)
The lion of March Nº10 of Chica Umino, Hakusensha (2007)
Women und Panzer – Little Military Nº1 of Women & Panzer Projekt (unique story) and Tsuchii (script), Media Manufacturing unit (2012)
Till dying separates us Nº3 of Hiroshi Takashige (script) and Double S (artwork), Sq. Enix (2005)
IDOLiSH7: TRIGGER -before The Radiant Glory- by Arina Tanemura and Bunta Tsushimi (unique story), Hakusensha (2016)


Title: Love Hina
Writer: Ken Akamatsu
Unique version: Kodansha (1998)
Worth: 14 €

Reedition in deluxe format of the basic romantic comedy by Ken Akamatsu. Love Hina tells the story of Keitaro, a younger man of twenty who needs to enter the distinguished College of Tokyo in any respect prices, since when he was a toddler he made the promise to marry the love of his childhood in the event that they went to the college collectively. The one drawback is that Keitaro has twice suspended the doorway examination and his mother and father, dissatisfied, kick him out of the home. Now she has to go to reside at her grandmother's inn in Kanagawa prefecture, which has turn into a feminine residence with 5 tenants, all lovely and youngsters.

Title: Good Night time World
Writer: Uru Okabe
Unique version: Shogakukan (2017)
Worth: eight,50 €

The newest creation of Uru Okabe is the story of the 4 members of the troubled Akabane household, who solely discover some peace in an RPG referred to as “Planet”. Every one has particular talents that make them probably the most feared within the recreation. The important thing ?: they have no idea that the opposite members of the group are relations.

Extra publications

One Punch-Man Nº17 by ONE (script) and Yusuke Murata (drawing), Shueisha (2012)
Fortress of Apocalypse No. 5 by Yu Kuraishi (script) and Kazu Inabe (drawing), Kodansha (2011)
Jojo's Weird Adventures Half IV: Diamond is Unbreakable No. 1 by Hirohiko Araki, Shueisha (1987)
Trinity Seven No. 15 by Kenji Saitou (script) and Akinari Nao (artwork), Fujimi Shobo (2015)
Jail Faculty No. 22 by Akira Hiramoto, Kodansha (2011)
Mob Psycho 100 No. 13 by ONE, Shogakukan (2012)
Dr. STONE Nº1 by Riichiro Inagaki (script) and Boichi (drawing), Shueisha (2017)
Mirai Nikki: Redial by Sakae Esuno, Kadokawa Shoten (2013)
Marvel Rabbit Woman Nº1 by Ui Hirose, Shueisha (2015)
Triage X Nº12 by Shouji Sato, Fujimi Shobo (2009)
Scumbag Loser Nº2 by Mikoto Yamaguchi, Sq. Enix (2011)


This September Milky Means doesn’t premiere any new collection, nor shut the open ones. Merely, we may have new ration of our collection that proceed in publication.

Extra publications

To your eternity Nº7 of Yoshitoki Oima, Kodansha (2018)
Atelier of Witch Hat Nº3 of Kamome Shirahama, Kodansha (2016)
Tail Star No. four by Okama, Shueisha (2012)
Youngsters of the Whales No.eight by Abi Umeda, Akita Shoten (2013)
Golden Kamuy No.10 by Satoru Noda, Shueisha (2014)
Tomodachi Gam No. 11 by Mikoto Yamaguchi (script) and Yuki Sato (artwork), Kodansha (2014)


Title: Edens Zero Nº1
Writer: Hiro Mashima
Version unique: Kodansha (2018)
Worth: four,00 €

After the conclusion of Fairy Tail its writer Hiro Mashima has not taken a minute off to convey us his new job: Edens Zero. This new collection revealed by Kodansha leaves the pirates apart to get nearer to science fiction and fantasy following the adventures of Shiki, a younger human who lives surrounded by machines in Granbell, the realm of goals. However his life modifications radically when he meets Rebecca and Completely happy, a woman and her blue speaking cat who come to her planet on considered one of her journeys recording movies for streaming platforms. When you’ve got learn with a Fairy Tail pastime you already know its writer and his fashion, so you will get a reasonably correct concept of ​​the place the photographs will go together with this new manga: adventures, friendship and want to excel.

Title: Im ~ El Sumo Priest Imhotep Nº1
Writer: Makoto Morishita
Unique version: Sq. Enix (2017)
Worth: eight,00 €

The manga has by no means had assessment in approaching different cultures and societies to reinterpret their most essential figures and their mythology or historic highlights. They’ve all the time carried out so from factors of view very totally different from people who might be seen within the Western comedian with the arrogance that distance gives and the adherence to the personal tips set by Japanese comics. That is evidenced once more with the publication by Norma Editorial de Im, the excessive priest Imhotep, a piece of 11 volumes revealed in Japan by the publishing home Sq. Enix by Makoto Morishita. This manga tells the story of Hinome, a younger lady who at some point meets a really unusual boy who’s leveraged in his residence, assuring that it’s his new residence. He quickly discovers that he’s not any teenager: he’s Imhotep, probably the most highly effective priest of historic Egypt!

Extra publications

CardCaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc No. three of CLAMP, Kodansha (2016)
Akame ga Kill! Zero No. 5 of Takahiro (script) and Kei Toru (artwork), Sq. Enix (2017)
Akame ga Kill! 1,5 Tales of the Night time Raid and epilogue of Takahiro (script) and Tetsuya Tashiro (artwork), Sq. Enix (2017)
What's mistaken with making an attempt to flirt in a dungeon? (Danmachi) No. three by Fujino Oomori (screenplay) and Kunieda (artwork), Sq. Enix (2013)
Yona, Princess of Daybreak No. 11 by Mizuho Kusanagi, Hakusensha (2009)
Final Recreation No. 11 by Shinobu Amano , Hakusensha (2011)
Assault on the Titans No. 25 of Hajime Isayama, Kodansha (2009)
Animal Crossing No. 2 of Sayori Abe, Shogakukan (2005)
Assault on the Titans – Earlier than the autumn No. 11 of Ryo Suzukaze (script) and Satoshi Shiki (artwork), Kodansha (2013)
Beatless-Dystopia Nº2 by Kagura Uguisu (script) and Redjuice (artwork), Kadokawa Shoten (2012)
Black Butler Nº26 by Yana Toboso, Sq. Enix (2006)
Fairy Tail: Additional Tales No. three by Hiro Mashima (script) and Kyouta Shibano (artwork), Kodansha (2006)
Hearth Punch No. 6 by Tatsuki Fujmoto, Shueisha (2016)
Horimiya No. eight by HERO (script) and Daisuke Hagiwara (artwork), Sq. Enix (2011)
The singularity of Ptolemy No. 2 by Gun Snark and Mitsuru Osaki (script) and Satoshi Hase (ar te), Enterbrain (2014)
Moriarty the Patriot No. 2 of Hikaru Miyoshi (script) and Ryosuke Takeuchi (artwork), Shueisha (2017)
Nen Ne no Ne (Single Quantity) by Daisuke Hagiwara (script) and Shizuku Totono (artwork), Sq. Enix (2016)
The Legend of Zelda (Good Version) Nº5 of Akira Himekawa, Shogakukan (2004)
The Seven Lethal Sins Nº25 of Nakaba Suzuki, Kodansha (2012)
The Seven Lethal Sins: Seven Days of Nakaba Suzuki and Mamoru Iwasa (script) and You Kokikuji (artwork), Kodansha (2017)
Tokyo Ghoul: re No. 13 of Sui Ishida, Shueisha (2004)
Yo-kai Watch Nº9 by Noriyuki Konishi, Shogakukan (2012)
The Promised Neverland Nº4 by Kaiu Shirai (script) and Posuka Demizu, Shogakukan (2012)


Panini Comics doesn’t premiere new collection or shut a number of the ones opened this month, nevertheless it does proceed with the publication of some titles from its catalog and launches a brand new e-book on How to attract Chibi in Digital, by JAPE.

Extra publications

Gantz (Most) Nº3 by Hiroya Oku, Shueisha (2000)
Meals Wars (Shokugeki no Soma) Nº16 by Yuto Tsukuda (script) and Shun Saeki (drawing), Shueisha (2012)
Bleach (Most) Nº3 by Tite Kubo, Shueisha (2001)
How to attract Chibi in Digital by JAPE, Panini Comics (2018)


Title: Fénix Nº 1 and a couple of
Writer: Osamu Tezuka
Unique version: Asahi Sonorama (1954)
Worth: 25 €

New luxurious version of one of many masterpieces of the God of manga, Osamu Tezuka . Phoenix is ​​a collection of 12 complicated tales which might be intertwined by the presence of the legendary and immortal guardian of life, the phoenix. Every of those tales are situated in several durations of historical past treating as argument the search of the human being for immortality, alternating between previous, current and future.

It additionally highlights the presence of the identical protagonist, reincarnated repeatedly. In its first quantity, situated within the interval 240-270 BC, we will comply with the occasions of the period of Queen Himiko of Yamataikoku, who utilizing her nice military, led by the feudal common Sarutahiko, will invade Japan, in the hunt for the Phoenix hen and the legend that exposes that his blood may give you everlasting youth. Within the second quantity, situated within the yr 3404 d. C., noos we’ll discover the planet Earth on the verge of succumbing after an extended means of decay carried out by the human species. A narrative of greater than 3000 pages that was thought-about by Tezuka himself because the work of his life. A incredible alternative to grab a basic seinen thought-about by many as probably the greatest Japanese works in historical past, in addition to a elementary a part of the foundations of Japanese comics.

Title: Dragon Quest VI: The Oneiric Kingdoms Nº1
Writer: Masaomi Kanzaki
Unique version: Sq. Enix (1997)

Planet continues to guess closely on Dragon Quest, the acclaimed Japanese RPG franchise that includes designs by the legendary Akira Toriyama This time we will learn the manga of the sixth recreation within the collection, one which we didn’t have the prospect to take pleasure in in Spain, and that together with Dragon Quest Monsters (which additionally goes on sale this month) shall be a part of the road extra baby that Planet will dedicate to the saga of Sq.. In Dragon Quest VI: The Oneiric Realms we’ll comply with the adventures of a gaggle of three vacationers fly on the again of a dragon to the citadel of Maou Mudo. Once they attain the throne room, Mudo surprises them and ends them. Botsu, the chief of the group, wakes up in his home, within the village of Lifecod, however … Was it actually only a dream?

Extra publications

20th Century Boys (Kanzenban) Nº6 by Naoki Urasawa, Shogakukan (1999) )
Daytime Capturing Star # eight by Mika Yamamori, Shueisha (2011)
Detective Conan (New Version) # 25 by Gosho Aoyama, Shogakukan (1994)
Dragon Ball Tremendous (Tremendous Collection) # 14 by Akira Toriyama (script ) and Toyotarô (artwork), Shueisha (2015)
Dragon Quest: Illustrations by Akira Toriyama, Shueisha
Dragon Quest Monsters + Nº1 by Mine Yoshizaki, Sq. Enix (2000)
The Sword of the Immortal (Kanzenban) Nº6 by Hiroaki Samura, Kodansha (1993)
One Piece No.85 by Eiichiro Oda, Shueisha (1997)
Psycho Move: Inspector Akane Tsunemori No. four by Hikaru Miyoshi, Gen Urobuchi / Nitroplus (unique story) and Akira Amano (design by characters), Shueisha (2012)
Sword Artwork On-line – Mom's Rosary Nº1 by Reki Kawahara (script) and Tsubasa Haduki (artwork), ASCII Media Works (2014)



Kitaro No.7 by Shigeru Mizuki (Astiberri)
Monster Musume, My Life with the Women Monster No. 2 of Okayado (Yowu Leisure)
Journal of Change (With myself) No. 1 of Kabi Nagata (Fandogamia)
Save me, Pythie No. 2 of Elsa Brants (LetraBlanka Editorial)
Blue Morning Nº2 of Shoko Hidaka (Nowevolution Writer)
Mazinger Angels No. three by Go Nagai (script), Akihiko Niina (artwork) and Plex (collaborator) (Ooso Comics)
My pricey Himejima by Kôjirô Narihira (Babylon Editions)
Encyclopedia Yōkai Nº2 of Shigeru Mizuki (Satori Editions)


Dragon Ball. Social phenomenon of Vicente Ramírez (Dolmen Editorial)
Japan for Otakus. Information to museums, theme parks and different facilities of the manganime tradition of José Andrés Santiago and Manuel Hernández-Pérez (Diábolo Ediciones)
Ladies of Ghibli. The female footprint of Miyazaki within the anime of Anna Junyent (Diábolo Ediciones)
Dragon Ball Dai Budokai. The historical past of the video video games of Goku by Antonio Sánchez-Migallón Jiménez and Daniel Quesada de la Cámara (Editorial Edaf)
The constellation of the crows and different magical tales by Kenji Miyazawa (Satori Ediciones)
Yatsuhaka-mura. The village of the eight tombs of Seishi Yokomizo (Quaterni)
The final shōgun. The lifetime of Yoshinobu Tokugawa of Ryōtarō Shiba (Quaterni)
That is Japan. A visit to the essence of the nation of the rising solar of Yutaka Yazawa (Grijalbo)
Past the spring equinox of Natsume Sōseki (Impedimenta)
The Touring Fort of Diana Wynne Jones (Nocturna Editions)
El Castillo within the Air by Diana Wynne Jones (Nocturna Ediciones)
The Home of a Thousand Aisles by Diana Wynne Jones (Nocturna Ediciones)