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Reflections on 2018, Forecasting 2019

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In some ways it’s painful to mirror on the yr 2018; a yr of important alternatives misplaced when a lot is at stake.

Whether or not politically, militarily, socially, economically, financially or ecologically, humanity took some big strides backwards whereas passing up countless alternatives to make a constructive distinction in our world. 

Let me, very briefly, determine a number of the extra essential backward steps, beginning with the popularity by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in January that the yr had already began badly once they moved the Doomsday Clock to 2 minutes to midnight, the closest it has ever been to ‘doomsday’ (and equal to 1953 when the Soviet Union first exploded a thermonuclear weapon matching the US capability). See ‘It’s now two minutes to midnight’. 

This alteration mirrored the perilous state of our world, notably given the renewed menace of nuclear warfare and the continued local weather disaster. It didn’t even point out the huge and unrelenting assault on the biosphere (aside from the local weather) nor, in fact, the continued monumental atrocities towards fellow human beings. 

Some Lowlights of 2018

  1. The worldwide elite, utilizing key elite fora such because the Group of 30, the Trilateral Fee, the Bilderberg Group and the World Financial Discussion board, continued to plan, generate and exacerbate the various ongoing wars, deepening exploitation inside the international financial system, local weather and environmental destruction, and the refugee disaster, amongst many different violent impacts, in pursuit of larger elite energy, revenue and privilege.
  2. Worldwide organizations (such because the United Nations, the World Financial institution and Worldwide Financial Fund) and nationwide governments used army forces, authorized techniques, police forces and jail methods around the globe to serve the worldwide elite by defending its pursuits towards the majority of the human inhabitants, together with these people and organizations audacious sufficient to problem elite energy, revenue and privilege.
  3. $US1.7 trillion was formally spent worldwide on army weapons to kill fellow human beings and different lifeforms, and to destroy the biosphere. See ‘International army spending stays excessive at $1.7 trillion’.

Nevertheless, so out-of-control is that this spending that the USA has now spent $US21trillion on its army prior to now 20 years for which it can’t even account! That’s proper, $US1trillion annually, together with 2018, above the official US nationwide price range for killing is ‘misplaced’. See Military Basic Fund Changes Not Adequately Documented or Supported, ‘Has Our Authorities Spent $21 Trillion Of Our Cash With out Telling Us?’ and ‘The Pentagon Can’t Account for $21 Trillion (That’s Not a Typo)’.

  1. Conflict and different army violence continued to rage throughout the planet wreaking devastation on many nations and areas, notably within the Center East and Africa. For those who missed this, learn what is occurring to Yemen, described as ‘ the world’s worst [humanitarian] disaster in many years’ with ‘three quarters of the whole Yemeni inhabitants – 22 million ladies, youngsters and males – depending on some type of humanitarian help to outlive.’ See ‘Yemen: UN chief hails “indicators of hope” in world’s worst man-made humanitarian catastrophe’.
  1. Not content material with the character and extent of the army violence they’re inflicting already, throughout 2018 elites continued to plan the way to do it extra successfully in future with analysis and improvement of synthetic intelligence only one manifestation of this: ‘an “arms race in AI” is now underway, with the U.S., China, Russia, and different nations (together with Britain, Israel, and South Korea) in search of to realize a important benefit within the weaponization of synthetic intelligence and robotics’ in order that ‘synthetic intelligence will probably be utilized to each facet of warfare, from logistics and surveillance to focus on identification and battle administration’. See ‘“Alexa, Launch Our Nukes!” Synthetic Intelligence and the Way forward for Conflict’.
  1. America authorities unilaterally withdrew from the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty (which limits the deployment of intermediate vary nuclear weapons).
  2. One other vital proportion of worldwide personal monetary wealth – conservatively estimated by the Tax Justice Community in 2010 to already complete between $US21 and $US32 trillion – has been invested nearly tax-free by means of the world’s still-expanding black gap of greater than 80 ‘offshore’ tax havens (such because the Metropolis of London Company, Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Nauru, St. Kitts, Antigua, Tortola, Switzerland, the Channel Islands, Monaco, Cyprus, Gibraltar and Liechtenstein). That is simply monetary wealth. ‘An enormous share of the actual property, yachts, racehorses, gold bricks – and lots of different issues that rely as non-financial wealth – are additionally owned by way of offshore buildings the place it’s unimaginable to determine the house owners.’ See Tax Justice Community

Managed by the worldwide elite, Wall Road and different main banks handle this monstrous diversion of wealth beneath Authorities safety. ‘Their enterprise is fraud and grand theft.’ Tax haven places supply greater than tax avoidance. ‘Virtually something goes on.’ It consists of ‘bribery, unlawful playing, cash laundering, human and intercourse trafficking, arms dealing, poisonous waste dumping, battle diamonds and endangered species trafficking, bootlegged software program, and infinite different lawless practices.’ See ‘Trillions Stashed in Offshore Tax Havens’.

  1. The world’s main firms continued to inflict monumental ongoing violence (in a myriad of the way) of their pursuit of infinite revenue on the expense of dwelling beings (human and in any other case) and Earth’s biosphere by producing and advertising a variety of life-destroying merchandise starting from nuclear weapons and nuclear energy to junk meals, pharmaceutical medicine, artificial poisons and genetically mutilated organisms (GMOs). These firms embrace these concerned within the following industries: weapons producers, main banks and their ‘business teams’ just like the Worldwide Financial Convention, asset administration companies, funding corporations, monetary providers corporations, fossil gasoline (coal, oil and fuel) firms, know-how firms, media firms, main advertising and public relations firms, agrochemical (pesticides, seeds, fertilizers) giants, pharmaceutical firms, biotechnology (genetic mutilation) firms, mining firms, nuclear energy firms, meals multinationals and water firms. You possibly can see an inventory of the main firms on this article: ‘The International Elite is Insane Revisited’.
  1. Greater than a billion individuals continued to reside underneath occupation, dictatorship or menace of genocidal assault. See, for instance, ‘500 Years is Lengthy Sufficient! Human Depravity within the Congo’.
  1. 36,500,000 human beings (primarily in Africa, Asia and Central/South America) have been starved to demise.
  1. 18,250,000 youngsters have been killed by adults in wars, by ravenous them to demise, and in a big number of different methods.
  1. eight,000,000 youngsters have been trafficked into sexual slavery; executed in sacrificial killings after being kidnapped; bred to be bought as a ‘money crop’ for sexual violation, to supply baby pornography (‘kiddie porn’) and ‘snuff’ films (during which youngsters are killed in the course of the filming); ritually tortured and murdered in addition to raped by canine educated for the aim. See ‘Humanity’s “Soiled Little Secret”: Ravenous, Enslaving, Raping, Torturing and Killing our Youngsters’.
  1. A whole lot of hundreds of people have been kidnapped or tricked into slavery, which now denies 46,000,000 human beings the best to reside the lifetime of their selection, condemning many people – particularly ladies and youngsters – to lives of sexual slavery, pressured labor or as youngster troopers. See ‘The International Slavery Index’ and ‘46 million individuals dwelling as slaves, newest international index reveals’.
  1. Nicely over 100,000 individuals (notably Falun Gong practitioners) in China, the place an in depth state-controlled program is carried out, have been subjected to pressured organ removing for the commerce in human organs. See Bloody Harvest and The Slaughter.
  1. 15,750,000 individuals have been displaced by warfare, persecution or famine. There at the moment are 68,500,000 individuals, extra that half of whom are youngsters and 10,000,000 of whom are stateless, who’ve been forcibly displaced worldwide and stay precariously unsettled, often in antagonistic circumstances. One individual on the earth is forcibly displaced each two seconds. See ‘Figures at a Look’
  1. Hundreds of thousands of individuals have been made homeless in their very own nation because of warfare, persecution, ‘pure’ disasters, inner battle, poverty or because of elite-driven nationwide financial coverage. The final time a worldwide survey was tried – by the United Nations again in 2005 – an estimated 100 million individuals have been homeless worldwide. As many as 1.6 billion individuals lack sufficient housing (dwelling in slums, for instance). See ‘International Homelessness Statistics’.
  1. 73,000 species of life (crops, birds, animals, fish, amphibians, bugs and reptiles) on Earth have been pushed to extinction with the worldwide lack of bugs, together with very important pollinators akin to bees, now between 75% and 90%, relying on the species. See ‘Insect Decimation Upstages International Warming’. Have you ever seen a butterfly lately
  1. Individually from international species extinctions, Earth continued to expertise ‘an enormous episode of inhabitants declines and extirpations, which could have unfavorable cascading penalties on ecosystem functioning and providers very important to sustaining civilization. We describe this as a “organic annihilation” to spotlight the present magnitude of Earth’s ongoing sixth main extinction occasion.’ Furthermore, native inhabitants extinctions ‘are orders of magnitude extra frequent than species extinctions. Inhabitants extinctions, nevertheless, are a prelude to species extinctions, so Earth’s sixth mass extinction episode has proceeded additional than most assume.’ See ‘Organic annihilation by way of the continued sixth mass extinction signaled by vertebrate inhabitants losses and declines’ and ‘Organic Annihilation on Earth Accelerating’.
  1. Wildlife trafficking, value as much as $20 billion in 2018, is pushing many endangered species to the brink of extinction. Unlawful wildlife merchandise embrace jewellery, conventional drugs, clothes, furnishings, and souvenirs, in addition to some unique pets, most of that are bought to unaware/unconcerned shoppers within the West. See, for instance, Cease Wildlife Trafficking.
  1. 16,000,000 acres of pristine rainforest have been destroyed (with greater than 40,000 tropical tree species now threatened with extinction). See ‘Measuring the Day by day Destruction of the World’s Rainforests’, ‘Estimating the worldwide conservation standing of greater than 15,000 Amazonian tree species’ and ‘Half of Amazon Tree Species Face Extinction’
  1. Huge portions of soil have been washed away as we destroyed the rainforests, and massive portions of each inorganic constituents (similar to heavy metals like cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, nickel and zinc) and natural pollution (notably artificial chemical compounds within the type of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides) have been dumped into the soil as properly, thus decreasing its vitamins and killing the microbes inside it. We additionally contaminated monumental portions of soil with radioactive waste. See Soil-net, ‘Glyphosate results on soil rhizosphere-associated bacterial communities’ and ‘Disposing of Nuclear Waste is a Problem for Humanity’.
  1. The TEPCO nuclear energy plant in Fukushima, Japan discharged 109,000 tons of radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean killing an incalculable variety of fish and different marine organisms and indefinitely contaminating increasing areas of that ocean. See ‘Fukushima: A Nuclear Warfare and not using a Conflict: The Unstated Disaster of Worldwide Nuclear Radiation’.
  1. Human use of fossil fuels to energy plane, delivery and automobiles (amongst different functions) launched 10 billion metric tons (gigatons) of carbon dioxide into Earth’s environment, a 2.7% improve over 2017. See ‘International Carbon Price range 2018’ and ‘Carbon dioxide emissions will hit a document excessive globally in 2018’. As a measure of their concern elite-controlled governments and firms all over the world are presently planning or have beneath development 1,380 new coal crops? That’s proper. 1,380 new coal crops. In 59 nations. See ‘NGOs Launch Listing of World’s Prime Coal Plant Builders’ and ‘2018 Coal Plant Builders Listing’.
  1. 90 billion land animals and 60 billion marine animals have been killed for human consumption, greater than 100 million animals have been killed for laboratory functions in america alone and there have been different animal deaths in shelters, zoos and in blood sports activities. See ‘How Many Animals Are Killed Every Yr?’

As well as, 40 million animals have been killed for his or her fur. Roughly 30 million of those animals have been raised on fur farms and killed, about 10 million wild animals have been trapped and killed, and tons of of hundreds of seals have been killed for his or her fur. See ‘How Many Animals are Killed Every Yr?’

  1. Farming of animals for human consumption launched 7,100,000,000 tonnes of CO2-equivalent into Earth’s environment. About 44% of livestock emissions have been within the type of methane (which was 44% of anthropogenic CH4 emissions), 29% as Nitrous Oxide (which was 53% of anthropogenic N2O emissions) and 27% as Carbon Dioxide (which was 5% of anthropogenic CO2 emissions). See ‘GHG Emissions by Livestock’.
  2. Human use of fossil fuels and farming of animals launched three.2 million metric tons of (CO2 equal) nitrous oxide (N2O) into Earth’s environment. See ‘Nitrous oxide emissions’.
  3. Because of earlier greenhouse fuel (GHG) emissions and the resultant rise of about one diploma celsius within the international temperature, inflicting the melting of Arctic permafrost and undersea methane ice clathrates, an incalculable amount of methane was uncontrollably launched into the environment throughout 2018 (with the amount being launched getting ever nearer to ‘exploding’). See ‘7,000 underground fuel bubbles poised to “explode” in Arctic’ and ‘Launch of Arctic Methane “Might Be Apocalyptic,” Research Warns’.
  4. Ice within the Antarctic is melting at a record-breaking fee, dropping 219 billion tonnes of ice in 2018 at a price that has accelerated threefold within the final 5 years. See ‘Antarctic ice melting quicker than ever, research present’.
  5. An incalculable quantity of agricultural poisons, fossil fuels and different wastes was discharged into the ocean, adversely impacting life in any respect ocean depths – see ‘Staggering degree of poisonous chemical compounds present in creatures on the backside of the ocean, scientists say’ – and producing ocean ‘lifeless zones’: areas which have too little oxygen to help marine organisms. See ‘Our Planet Is Exploding With Marine “Lifeless Zones”’.
  6. A minimum of eight million metric tons of plastic, of which 236,000 tons have been microplastics, was discharged into the ocean. See ‘Plastic waste inputs from land into the ocean’ and ‘Plastics within the Ocean’.
  7. Earth’s recent water and groundwater was additional depleted and contaminated. These contaminants included micro organism, viruses and family chemical compounds from defective septic methods; hazardous wastes from deserted and uncontrolled hazardous waste websites (of which there are over 20,000 within the USA alone); leaks from landfill gadgets corresponding to automotive battery acid, paint and family cleaners; the pesticides, herbicides and different poisons used on farms and residential gardens; radioactive waste from nuclear exams; and the chemical contamination brought on by hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in the hunt for shale fuel, for which about 750 chemical compounds and elements, some extraordinarily poisonous and carcinogenic like lead and benzene, have been used. See ‘Groundwater contamination’, ‘Groundwater drunk by BILLIONS of individuals could also be contaminated by radioactive materials unfold the world over by nuclear testing within the 1950s’ and ‘Fracking chemical compounds’.
  8. The longstanding covert army use of geoengineering – spraying tens of hundreds of thousands of tons of extremely poisonous metals (together with aluminium, barium and strontium) and poisonous coal fly ash nanoparticulates (containing arsenic, chromium, thallium, chlorine, bromine, fluorine, iodine, mercury and radioactive parts) into the environment from jet plane to weaponize the environment and climate – with a view to improve elite management of human populations, continued unchecked. Geoengneering is systematically destroying Earth’s ozone layer – which blocks the lethal portion of photo voltaic radiation, UV-C and most UV-B, from reaching Earth’s floor – in addition to adversely altering Earth’s climate patterns and polluting its air, water and soil at unimaginable value to the well being and well-being of dwelling organisms and the biosphere. See ‘Geoengineering Watch’.
  9. As one consequence of our dysfunctional parenting mannequin and political methods, fascism continued to rise all over the world. See ‘The Psychology of Fascism’.
  10. Regardless of the assumption that we’ve got ‘the correct to privateness’, privateness (in any sense of the phrase) was ongoingly eroded in 2018 and is now successfully non-existent, notably because of Alphabet (proprietor of Google). Taken collectively, ‘Uber, Amazon, Fb, eBay, Tinder, Apple, Lyft, Foursquare, Airbnb, Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, Indignant Birds… have turned our computer systems and telephones into bugs which might be plugged in to an enormous corporate-owned surveillance community. The place we go, what we do, what we speak about, who we speak to, and who we see – every little thing is recorded and, sooner or later, leveraged for worth.’ Furthermore, given Google’s built-in relationship with the US authorities, the US army, the CIA, and main US weapons producers, there isn’t actually something you are able to do that isn’t recognized by those that need to realize it. In essence, Google is ‘a strong international company with its personal political agenda and a mission to maximise income for shareholders’ and it partly achieves this by increasing the surveillance packages of the nationwide safety state on the path of the worldwide elite. See ‘Google’s Earth: How the Tech Big Is Serving to the State Spy on Us’ and the documentary ‘The Trendy Surveillance State’.
  11. The proper to free speech was ongoingly eroded in 2018. For simply a few examples in america alone, see ‘Marc Lamont Hill On Getting Fired From CNN, His Remarks On Palestine + Extra’ and ‘A Texas Elementary Faculty Speech Pathologist Refused to Signal a Professional-Israel Oath, Now Obligatory in Many States – so She Misplaced Her Job’.
  12. Believing that we all know higher than evolution, people created the primary gene-edited child in 2018. See ‘Why we aren’t prepared for genetically designed infants’ and ‘China’s Golem Infants: There’s One other Agenda’.
  13. An incalculable quantity of junk was added to the 100 trillion gadgets of junk already in Area. See ‘Area Junk: Monitoring & Eradicating Orbital Particles’.
  14. Incalculable quantities of antibiotic waste, nuclear waste, nanowaste and genetically engineered organisms have been launched into Earth’s biosphere. See ‘Junk Planet: Is Earth the Largest Rubbish Dump within the Universe?’
  15. Ongoing violence towards youngsters – see ‘Why Violence?’ and ‘Fearless Psychology and Fearful Psychology: Rules and Apply’ – ensured that extra individuals will develop up accepting (and fairly powerless to problem) our dysfunctional and violent world, as described above.
  16. The company media, schooling and leisure industries continued to distract us from actuality making certain that most individuals stay oblivious to our predicament and their very own position in it, not to mention what they will do to reply powerfully.

Whereas the above listing of the setbacks humanity and the Earth suffered in 2018 could be very incomplete, it nonetheless offers clear proof that humanity is quickly getting into a dystopian future much more horrific than the worst novel or movie within the style. The excellent news is that, on the present price, this dystopian world can be shortlived as people drive themselves over the sting of extinction. See ‘Human Extinction by 2026? A Final Ditch Technique to Struggle for Human Survival’. 

However in order that the image is obvious and ‘balanced’: have been there any features made towards this onslaught?

In fact, it goes with out saying that the worldwide elite, worldwide organizations (such because the United Nations), governments, firms and different elite brokers continued to stay in delusion/denial endlessly blocking any initiative requiring critical motion that may reduce into company income, or arguing over tangential problems with insignificant consequence to humanity’s future.

Briefly, I might discover no report of official efforts through the yr to plan for the event and implementation of a complete, simply and sustainable peace, however maybe I missed it.

Individually from this, there have been some minor activist positive factors: for instance, some western banks and insurance coverage corporations are not financially supporting the enlargement of the western weapons business and the western coal business, some rainforest teams have managed to save lots of parts of Earth’s rainforest heritage, and activist teams proceed to work on quite a lot of points typically making modest positive factors. 

In essence nevertheless, as you in all probability understand, most of the points above usually are not even being tackled and, even when they’re, activist efforts have been hampered by insufficient evaluation of the forces driving conflicts and issues, restricted imaginative and prescient (notably unambitious goals corresponding to these in relation to ending struggle and the local weather disaster), unsophisticated technique (essential to have profound impression towards a deeply entrenched, extremely organized and well-resourced opponent, with the countless lobbying of elite establishments, corresponding to governments and firms, regardless of this effort merely absorbing and dissipating our dissent, as is meant – as Mark Twain as soon as famous: ‘If voting made a distinction, they wouldn’t allow us to do it.’) and failure to make the troublesome selections to advertise needed options which are ‘unpopular’. 

Basically, these ‘troublesome selections’ embrace the very important have to marketing campaign for the human inhabitants, notably within the West, to considerably scale back their consumption – by 80% – involving each power and assets of each type because the central function of any technique to curtail destruction of the setting and local weather, to undermine capitalism and to get rid of the first driver of warfare: violent useful resource acquisition from Center Japanese and creating nations for the manufacturing of shopper items and providers for western shoppers. 

Whereas we stay within the delusion that we will merely substitute renewable power for fossil fuels and nuclear energy (or consider such delusions that a 1.5 levels celsius improve above the preindustrial temperature is suitable or that we’ve an ‘finish of century’ timeframe to unravel the local weather disaster), we ignore the elemental actuality that Earth’s biosphere is beneath siege on many fronts because of our infinite extraction of its pure assets – resembling recent water, minerals, timber and, once more, fossil fuels – for shopper manufacturing and the supply of providers that go nicely past power.

Briefly, for instance, we won’t save the world’s rainforests as a result of we change to renewable power. We should scale back demand for the buyer merchandise that require rainforest inputs. We should cease mining the Earth for minerals that find yourself in our cell phones, computer systems, automobiles, ships and plane by not utilizing the services these minerals make attainable. We should cease consuming meat and different animal merchandise. And so the record goes on. 

Forecasting 201 

In some ways it’s painful to forecast what is going to occur in 2019 primarily due to the absurd simplicity of doing so: Will probably be one other yr when very important alternatives shall be misplaced when a lot is at stake.

Given the madness of the worldwide elite – see ‘The International Elite is Insane Revisited’ – which can proceed to drive the dynamics producing the lowlights talked about above with the lively complicity of their brokers in governments and firms coupled with a human inhabitants that’s largely terrified, self-hating and powerless to withstand – see ‘In Protection of the Human Particular person’ – it’s a simple activity to forecast what is going to occur in 2019.

So let me forecast 40 lowlights for 2019:

  1. See record above.
  2. See record above.
  3. See listing above.



  1. See listing above.

So until you play your half, 2019 and the few years thereafter will merely be more and more worse variations of 2018 and it’ll all be over by 2026. See ‘Human Extinction by 2026? A Final Ditch Technique to Struggle for Human Survival’ which cites a variety of scientific and different proof which you’re welcome to think about for your self if this date appears untimely.

Responding Powerfully

For those who already really feel capable of act powerfully in response to this multifaceted disaster, in a approach that may have strategic impression, you’re invited to think about becoming a member of these collaborating in ‘The Flame Tree Venture to Save Life on Earth’, which outlines a easy plan so that you can systematically scale back your consumption, by a minimum of 80%, involving each power and assets of each type – water, family power, transport fuels, metals, meat, paper and plastic – whereas dramatically increasing your particular person and group self-reliance in 16 areas, so that each one environmental and local weather considerations are successfully addressed.

In case you are additionally involved in conducting or collaborating in a marketing campaign to systematically handle one of many points recognized above, you’re welcome to think about appearing strategically in the best way that Mohandas Okay. Gandhi did. Whether or not you’re engaged in a peace, local weather, surroundings or social justice marketing campaign, the 12-point strategic framework and rules are the identical. See Nonviolent Marketing campaign Technique. And, for instance, you possibly can see a primary listing of the strategic objectives essential to finish struggle and halt the local weather disaster. See ‘Strategic Goals’ 

If you wish to know the right way to nonviolently defend towards a overseas invading energy or a political/army coup, to liberate your nation from a dictatorship or a overseas occupation, or to defeat a genocidal assault, you’ll find out how to take action in ‘Nonviolent Protection/Liberation Technique’.

In case you are fascinated about nurturing youngsters to stay by their conscience and to realize the braveness needed to withstand elite violence fearlessly, whereas dwelling sustainably regardless of the entreaties of capitalism to over-consume, then you’re welcome to make ‘My Promise to Youngsters’ 

To reiterate: capitalism, warfare and destruction of the setting and local weather are outcomes of our dysfunctional parenting of youngsters which distorts their mental and emotional capacities, destroys their conscience and braveness, and actively teaches them to over-consume as compensation for having very important emotional wants denied. See ‘Love Denied: The Psychology of Materialism, Violence and Conflict’.

If your personal mental and/or emotional performance is the difficulty and you’ve got the self-awareness to understand that, and want to entry the conscience and braveness that may allow you to behave powerfully, attempt ‘Placing Emotions First’. 

And if you wish to be a part of the worldwide motion dedicated to ending all the violence recognized above, think about signing the web pledge of ‘The Individuals’s Constitution to Create a Nonviolent World’. 

In abstract: if we don’t quickly, systematically and considerably scale back our consumption in a number of key areas and radically alter our parenting mannequin, whereas resisting elite violence strategically on a number of fronts, homo sapiens will enter Earth’s fossil document inside a number of years. Given the worry, self-hatred and powerlessness that paralyses most people, your decisions in these regards are much more very important than you understand.

Robert J. Burrowes has a lifetime dedication to understanding and ending human violence. He has achieved in depth analysis since 1966 in an effort to know why human beings are violent and has been a nonviolent activist since 1981. He’s the writer of ‘Why Violence?’ His e-mail handle is [email protected] and his web site is at

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