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The Nikopol trilogy | Negative Zone

The Nikopol trilogy | Negative Zone

Unique version: The trilogy Nikopol FRA, Les Humanoïdes Associés
Nationwide version / Spain: Norma Editorial
Script: Enki Bilal
Drawing: Enki Bilal
Shade: Enki Bilal
] Format: Cardboard, 184 Pages
Worth: 35 €

Look, Nikopol! I feel we each have a standard aim … You for political and humanitarian causes and I for private revenge, of divine and common order …

Norma Editorial has simply revealed an exquisite integral with Nikopol's trilogy of Enki Bilal. A quantity that compiles the three albums La foire aux immortels (1980), La Femme Piège (1986) and Froid Équateur (1992) that make up the work that marked his debut as a solo writer. The Immortals Truthful was initially prepublished within the Pilote journal and in Spain inside Comix Internacional. That is the primary time that they’ve been compiled in our nation, after having been beforehand revealed by the identical Commonplace in softcover inside the Cimoc Additional Shade assortment and hardcover inside the Enki Bilal Assortment, as well as the primary The Immortals Truthful was first revealed by Distrinovel. In 2004 Bilal himself directed his movie model Immortel, advert vitam. It additionally has a online game Nikopol: Secrets and techniques of the Immortals created by White Birds Productions.

Enki Bilal is a cartoonist and movie director born in 1951 within the metropolis of Belgrade, within the former Yugoslavia. On the age of ten, he moved together with his household to Paris. At twenty he’ll debut on the earth of comics within the journal Pilote. Later it will provoke an extended collaboration with the scriptwriter Pierre Christin with whom it might signal Recreation of searching (Norm), a cómic that may occur to historical past to foretell the autumn of the communist block. He beforehand revealed The Immortals Truthful, first episode of The Nikopol trilogy. From that second started a profession as an entire writer, in 1989 he directed his first movie Bunker Palace Hôtel adopted by Tykho Moon and Immortel, advert vitam. In 1998 the Tetralogía del Montruo started his greatest work as an entire writer. Later he revealed the trilogy of the outburst: Animal'Z, Julia & Roem and The colour of the air. This yr the primary concern of his new work Bug appeared.

We’re on March 2, 2023, a cryogenized Alcide Nikopol lands in a Paris dominated by fascists, the place a pyramid is floating above the town. Contained in the pyramid we uncover the Egyptian gods who want gasoline to proceed their journey, however the ruler of Paris Jean-Ferdinand Choublanc will solely give it in change for immortality. Nevertheless, the god Horus has declared in riot with the intention of governing the Egyptian pantheon, for it can forge a wierd alliance with Nikopol that may change his life ceaselessly.

The Nikopol trilogy is a science fiction story close by that it serves to Bilal to mirror on the reality that lived within the second in that it was revealed, in addition to treating a number of of the issues to which humanity was dealing with. Every of the three albums that make up the story has its personal entity and though the story continues chronologically, every of them is performed by a unique character and has a tone in accordance with every one, that is the product of the modifications that occurred within the private and professional lifetime of Bilal. The primary serves because the genesis of the longer term that we need to present and the subsequent two are an exploration and reflection of it in order that till the final we have no idea that future in its entirety. In contrast to his later works, he has implausible parts such because the presence of the Egyptian gods, one thing that contrasts with the fairly believable future he poses.

The Truthful of the Immortals is a torrent of concepts and extraordinary ideas, it exhibits us a future plunged into decadence, chilly and technological the place grey appears to contaminate all the things. We’ve a historical past that mixes fascist politicians, mythology, power issues, mutants, extraterrestrials and human beings overcome by the state of affairs during which they stay. Nevertheless, it’s a very accessible story with a fairly basic however loopy plot, the place Bilal barely exhibits us the psychology of his characters. Above all shines the criticism of totalitarianism that learn at present is chilling, particularly seeing how Bilal anticipates that wave of neo-fascism that’s starting to take energy in lots of nations around the globe with leaders just like Jean-Ferdinand Choublanc. It occurs in Paris however it could possibly be any metropolis on the earth. Additionally it is a portrait of how the military and the church all the time ally with dictators to take care of their standing. The portrait he makes of the spiritual liturgy is a satire of his unusual rites designed to control his followers. The identical because the sporting occasions utilized by communist regimes as ideological propaganda. A script that reminds of Christin however with a way more pessimistic quantity. The humor is hardly current and above all we see it in a useful resource that Bilal begins to make use of on this album that might be ordinary in his work, as it’s to make use of clippings of newspapers to provide us info. It’s an album that serves as a presentation of the longer term that Bilal will discover within the subsequent albums.

In La Lure Lady you’ll be able to see an evolution in all features with respect to The Immortals Truthful. The political half performs a a lot smaller significance, the purpose of the album is to immerse ourselves within the fascinating and sophisticated character of Jill Bioskop and her relationship together with her lovers, the characters of the earlier album grow to be secondary on this one. We left Paris and explored different cities in Europe like an oppressive London or a Berlin hit by spiritual wars, cities to which Bilal endows with a particular environment. We additionally see very fascinating ideas such because the spiritual struggles through which Bilal doesn’t deepen however leaves that duty to us as readers. With the concepts simply outlined on this album, some much less imaginative writer might construct years of tales. On this album we see one of many unimaginable and determined love tales which might be additionally a continuing within the work of Bilal. A wierd trio is established between Jill, Nikopol and Horus, three characters misplaced for various causes that solely discover a belonging when they’re collectively, one thing that Bilal explores in Blue Blood.

In Chilly Ecuador the protagonist passes to be Nikopol son looking for his father. The entire album has a tone that makes us see that we face a narrative that leads us to an inevitable ending the place there can be no area for happiness and sure for brand spanking new beginnings with out earlier ties. The political half returns to accumulate significance criticizing the interference that the western tradition does within the African continent however with out forgetting we’ve got introspective half as well as one other love story is established and the ecologism has nice presence. It’s the most surrealist story of the three that make up the integral with the craziest idea and the place the cinema is sort of necessary because it was in that second within the writer's life.

Enki Bilal is a really demanding writer together with his readers , in his works there are by no means straightforward options and they’re all the time filled with plots that interweave leaving the decision of some to the reader. That’s the reason the studying of his works is all the time very stimulating, one thing that’s enhanced by the rereadings that all the time reveal particulars through which you had not observed. The lengthy separation between the three albums causes an incredible evolution of their work, not solely within the graphic but in addition within the plot and we see how every of them modifications in focus and discovers a brand new side of the world the place the story unfolds. Nikopol is a narrative with a really pessimistic tone, one thing that’s mirrored within the grays that abound all through the play, with protagonists who’re by no means the heroes of their very own tales since they haven’t any management over their future. They’re misplaced beings, souls in ache that may not management their feelings. One thing that additionally occurs within the political terrain, because the modifications that happen are nonetheless Lampedusian, a mere facelift in order that nothing modifications. It’s a work the place Bilal along with displaying all of the obsessions that might be fixed in his works exhibits us a few of his references because the poet Baudeleire or Roger Zelazny in addition to the cinema, with a number of tributes like Nikopol having the looks of the actor Bruno Gantz or the movie Cabaret.

In graphic part we face a piece that exhibits the change of favor of Bilal, we should keep in mind that between the truthful of immoral and Chilly Ecuador spend 12 years. In these years the type of Bilal mutates and acquires new methods, though it’s all the time recognizable and has widespread traits resembling its means to create atmospheres or the statism of its characters. The truthful of the immortals is the end result of the fashion that had been training in its early years, with influences particularly Moebius however with a dirtier type with extra abrupt strains. From the lure lady, though the change was already seen in searching recreation, the road leaves significance to the colour, so the strains are cleaner and the bigger vignettes to provide extra significance to the colour, there’s additionally a change within the colour palette the place grey provides method to blue. This serves to extend the significance of blood within the palms of Jill of historical past, enhancing the dramatic impact. For backgrounds use coloured pictures that let you keep the area of atmospheres. The evolution continues in Frio Ecuador the place the road turns into dirtier and darker colours enhancing if attainable the significance of shade. Narratively talking, the vignettes develop into bigger and extra rectangular, imitating the panoramic format of the cinema. What stands out in all of the pages in addition to their capability to generate atmospheres is a capability to design believable close to futures, virtually all of the know-how or structure that they see are very credible except for the make-up that the higher courses use. Narratively talking is an effective job as a result of regardless of all of the baroque in considered one of its cartoons every little thing is known completely. Briefly we’re earlier than a graphic work that exhibits us the evolution that may take him to make his greatest graphic work within the Tetralogy of the Monster.

Norma Editorial makes a great version with an ideal copy and design. Along with the three albums the quantity consists of some sketches, the pity is that as within the French version they haven’t included Sangre Azul, the illustrated album that narrates the connection between Nikopol and Jill that takes place between La mujer trampa and Frio Ecuador. We hope that after this integral they publish the compilations of their first brief tales and their collaborations with Christin corresponding to Le sarcophage, Cœurs sanglants or L'étoile oubliée by Laurie Bloom.

The Nikopol trilogy is a chilly, grey and baroque dystopia the place Enki Bilal displays on love, the political state of affairs and life that in lots of elements at this time is extra present than ever. With a graphic part the place we see the evolution that marks his later profession. A revolutionary and groundbreaking work that shouldn’t be lacking in any tebeoteca.

& nbsp; Unique version: The trilogy Nikopol FRA, Les Humanoïdes Associés Nationwide version / Spain: Norma Editorial Script: Enki Bilal Drawing: Enki Bilal Colour: Enki Bilal Format: Cartoné, 184 Pages Worth: 35 € & nbsp; Look, Nikopol! I feel we each have a standard objective … You for political and humanitarian causes and I for private revenge, of divine and common order … & hellip;

The Nikopol trilogy

The Nikopol trilogy

2018 -11-07

Diego García Rouco

Script – 9

Drawing – 9

Curiosity – 9




Nikopol is a piece of actuality with a Bilal evolving on every album and presenting a narrative and a polyhedral future.

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